Zach Bryan, The Middle East & Levi Turner at CHI Health Center

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CHI Health Center Omaha | Omaha, Nebraska

Zach Bryan

Looking for a spring, 2024 country tour to book've come to the right place! Heres a brilliant bit of news for country fans in the US the second to none Zach Bryan, The Middle East & Levi Turner will come to the greatest stadium in the state...CHI Health Center Omaha, Nebraska, Omaha on Tuesday 30th April 2024. Country music is projected with essence on stage even more so than studio albums, those romantic tracks from the stunning vocals. Zach Bryan, The Middle East & Levi Turner is all over the place right now, so think concert is a huge deal! Every country fan in the state needs to be there... what a Tuesday night it will be in April. BOOK YOUR TICKETS TODAY....just press 'get tickets'!

Country music has never had a better home in Omaha, Nebraska than the iconic CHI Health Center Omaha. The venue regularly opens it’s stage to the hottest stars in the genre, offering stunning acoustics and lighting to give their fans the best shows possible. It’s all about the fans at the CHI Health Center Omaha, since the venue also offers benefits including on-site bars and friendly staff who welcome guests with open arms. They ensure that you have never seen live folk music shows like you would at their venue. See the difference for yourself by getting tickets to any of their upcoming concerts.

Zach Bryan at CHI Health Center Omaha

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