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CHI Health Center Omaha | Omaha, Nebraska

Monster Jam

Do you have plans for Sunday 26th November 2023? Then you may want to change them, because on Sunday 26th November 2023 you could be checking out Monster Jam which is coming to CHI Health Center Omaha in Omaha, Nebraska. This epic all-day event brings some of the hottest trucks for an event that you ‘ll never forget. Just imagine joining an arena full of truck lovers like you and watching these epic trucks tear up dirt, gravel, and sand as they tear down the track. Just imagine feeling the power as these huge engines roar to life. If you’ve never seen a truck car rally before, then this is your chance to see what all the fuss is about. Fans will come from all over Nebraska and nearby areas to catch this thrilling show. But you can get first dibs on the best seats in the house. And let’s not forget that these expert truck car drivers will be performing in a variety of events that will show Omaha why trucks are the king of wheeled vehicles. It’s going to be the biggest day of 2023 for race truck fans and certainly a highlight of this fall! Tickets are on sale, but you can skip the line by clicking the link and ordering your tickets before they run out!

Truck lovers unite and gear up because on Sunday 26th November 2023 you could join the fun at Monster Jam live at CHI Health Center Omaha in Omaha, Nebraska. That’s right, you and a venue full of the finest truck fans in town can come out and see BAD ASS trucks compete for trophies and prizes. From sports utility vehicles to big wheels, there are plenty of incredible trucks to see! Each one souped up to the top of the line performance that you won’t find at any truck dealer in town. Wait, there’s more! Because Monster Jam also has a incredible selection of side activities to keep you entertained while the judges do their job. Imagine being able to jam down the best in live music while meeting new friends. Picture yourself chowing down on your choice of food and refreshing beverages from the widest variety of food vendors and food trucks in Nebraska! Let’s not mention the side games and attractions that are perfect for your kids. It’s the total package for truck fun this fall and may be the biggest truck show to come to town in 2023! You can’t afford to miss out! Click the button below and book your tickets, so you can experience Monster Jam live at CHI Health Center Omaha in Omaha, Nebraska on Sunday 26th November 2023!

Monster Jam at CHI Health Center Omaha

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